Specialty Educators, Trainers and Instructors

Offering monoline or package coverage of classroom-type instruction risks.

Product Features
  • No liability deductible
  • No designated premises endorsement
  • Special form available
  • Replacement cost available
  • Low minimum premium
  • Some markets offer free or discounted comprehensive background checks
  • Property limits up to $3 million and Liability up to $5 million
  • Optional coverages can include Money & Securities, Sign, and Equipment Breakdown Coverage
  • “Value Plus” Endorsement, a comprehensive coverage enhancement available with certain market
Eligible Risks
  • Art instruction
  • Athletic instruction
  • Bartending schools
  • Beauty schools
  • Boxing gym/Martial arts
  • Business/Secretarial/Paralegal
  • Charm/Modeling schools
  • Computer training
  • Cooking instruction
  • Craft/Hobby
  • Dance schools
  • Dressmaking classes
  • Drama/Theater training
  • Insurance training
  • Language instruction
  • Massage schools
  • Medical/Nursing classroom instruction
  • Music training
  • Personal trainers
  • Photography classes
  • Poker/Gambling schools
  • Public speaking
  • Reading instruction
  • Real estate training
  • SAT/LSAT courses
  • Tutoring services
  • Wine tasting schools
  • Driving school (submit application; premises liability only for classroom)
  • *No market for horse training or riding lessons

Claim Examples

General Liability:
A public speaking school student slipped and fell in the school’s restroom, resulting in a broken arm and sprained knee. The student filed a lawsuit against the school for pain and suffering, medical bills and rehabilitation expenses. The lawsuit was settled for $68,000 and $7,000 was paid in defense expenses.

A mother claimed that her child’s learning center failed to render professional tutoring services for the SATs; he is now unable to get into the college he wanted to attend. The parents brought a lawsuit against the school for the cost to hire a special tutor and a refund of their money paid to the learning center. The claim was for $10,000.

Abuse or Molestation:
A dance school student brought a lawsuit against the school alleging negligent hiring of an instructor who improperly touched her during a lesson. Attorneys were hired to defend the school. The case was dismissed after no negligence was found on the part of the school. Defense costs totaled $35,000.

A fire began at the insured’s computer instruction school when an employee plugged in the computers. The fire caused $80,000 in building damage along with $36,000 in damages to business personal property. While the damages were being repaired, the computer instruction school had to shut down for two months, resulting in a business income loss of $15,000 along with $10,000 in extra expenses to get the school up and running again. The entire loss came to $141,000 in damages and the claim was settled for the insured’s damages.

Equipment breakdown:
An on-premises power outage at a cooking school caused the freezer to shut down and the food in the freezer to spoil. An equipment breakdown claim was made for the $5,000 of spoiled food. In addition, the school had to shut down for several days resulting in an additional loss of income of $2,500. A claim was presented, and the insured was reimbursed for their loss.

Quoting & Applications

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*Applications will apply to most markets but in certain circumstances additional applications may be needed
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